Homeowner’s Agent

Are you wondering what a Homeowner’s Agent is? 

A Homeowner’s Agent acts on behalf of the Homeowner.  The Agent knows all the trades’ responsibilities, building codes, instructs the trades when issues arise, and keeps the Homeowner apprised of all issues to help determine the best course of action to keep the job on target and within budget.  The Agent advises the Homeowner when payments are due to prevent the contractor from getting ahead on payments.  If payments are made prematurely, it may slow the progress of the job and reduce the incentive for the contractor to finish the job and/or finish on time.  There can be a general contractor and/or a builder in this scenario because the Agent works solely for the Homeowner and has no obligation to anyone but the Homeowner.  The Agent has no ties to the builder, general contractor or their subcontrators, which enables the Agent to be unbiased, and no conflict of interest will occur.  This allows you, the Homeowner to relax knowing your best interests are protected.  

Why would I want a Homeowner’s Agent?  

Because it prevents the builder, contractor or general contractor from doing what they want as opposed to what you want.  It keeps the job going as per plans and if alterations are necessary for whatever reason, the Agent intervenes on your behalf to figure out if any changes are necessary, and if so present the best solution and keep the addtional costs under control.  Many times changes are not necessary and you are being presented with changes to increase the cost of construction.  

For this to work best, the Agent should be brought into the process before selecting an architect or builder/ general contractor so we have input in the beginning of your project.  Experience has taught us that architectural plans lack details necessary to complete projects without extra costs arising.  This type of approach works well when you are building your dream home, do not have the time to stay on top of your project because the job you already have is too demanding, and want to ensure your builder/general contractor is giving you what you want at the cost agreed upon.  There can always be cost overruns and extras that cannot be foreseen or avoided, but we work hard at minimizing these extra expenses.

If you are interested in this approach please do not hesitate to Call Us to Discuss 973-370-0297

In the project shown below, we started off as the Homeowner’s Agent, but when the builder walked off the project we moved in as the general contractor to complete the job per the plans and the Homeowner’s wishes.

Mantoloking House

Mantoloking House

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